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The conjunction of the 2nd and 3rd millennia has always fascinated me. I am drawn to the imperfections of video technology from that time, especially VHS. The yellowish tint, saturated lines, fuzziness, and the occasional glitches that run through the tapes. Neglect means dust, and overuse leads to scratches. Just like our memories become distant and otherworldly, VHS cassettes decay over time. When you play an old tape, the picture is not the same, but watching it evokes a familiar feeling.

This awareness is the base on which I created Hither & Thither. I distorted VHS footage from my mother’s archive of a dance festival in 2001. I embraced the video anomalies, rechoreographed the dance, and created an exaggerated sense of scale. I approach my archives with inquisitiveness and playfulness to reconstruct memories and reclaim the sense of awe I used to get from watching VHS cassettes in my childhood.