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In the early morning hours, they come next to your bed and lean to your ear. A stranger’s voice forces you to wake up: Do you remember what you dreamt last night? You lay frozen in fear, staring at the sunlight coming into the room through the heavy curtains. You had too much to dream last night, too much to dream.

I find dreams so intriguing. Why do they reach lengths far beyond our consciousness? What is the reason for this vivid and surreal experience?

Dreams have power. Especially reoccurring childhood nightmares. They speak to you, they scare you and they can make you avoid going to sleep. Dreams reveal secrets you are not aware of. What is hidden in your mind? Like a fairy-tale mirror, often reflecting the truth, dreams let you catch a glimpse into the unconscious world.

Psychoanalysts are especially fascinated by the unsettling nature of dreams. Sigmund Freud thought that dreams are the ‘royal road to the unconscious’, revealing our deepest desires and fears. According to him, recurring nightmares provide a way of processing anxieties or difficult experiences.

I have created ‘Dreams From The Past’ based on my recurring nightmare about mirrors I used to see in my childhood.