31DEC1999 EP | VIEUX 2021

Our first debut EP embodies our favourite aspects in dance music. The EP cover portrays a remixed still taken from my personal VHS archive. It dates back to New Year’s Eve in 1999. Some songs have audio samples from the original footage. After completing the EP Bridget continued working with the video and created As Elusive As Ever (2020-21).



I lead you down the garden path
You look at my regretful eyes

You see the ground slowly crash
I hope I’ll help you fantasize
About who’s coming near your way
Or are they leaving I’m not sure
As I omit to turn away
The city’s heaving with allure

You’ve gone beyond there’s no way back
I look aside, the turn is brief
I don’t respond, don’t keep the track
You sob outside with some belief

This makes you feel the greatest dread
The time is blurred with the past
It seems surreal and left unsaid
It was absurd to run this fast

I don’t like to feel like this, don’t like to sit here and be sick with guilt and fear. This is all on me and why do I let that consume my peace of mind. If I try to look away and let the pain escape, I start to cry. How should I let it go, should stop the feelings flow and live my life?

#3 STRANGE MOON (my personal favourite!)
You run at night
From the dreams of mental delight
A strange moon
White as snow
Sucks you into its hypnotic glow

Your blood runs cold
As the blizzard shines and grows
I know it will save you
I know it will
I know it will harm you
I know it will kill


The morning sky is wounded. Its cheek is bleeding. Silently it weeps. No one hears and no one will. The sky lies weak waiting in anguish. For the sun to rise and end. For the sun to rise and end.


Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out