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The video piece portrays a New Year’s Eve taped by my father on a VHS cassette in 1999. Through this work, I explore my relationship with him. The piece was inspired by a childhood memory that I have of the yellow curtains in my father’s room. How they were always open, fluttering in the wind.
I am interpreting the firework footage by matching it to the colour of those curtains and adding time distortions to mimic their movement. The work is euphemistic, but the distortions also make a hint of double vision, often associated with excessive drinking. I draw parallels between fireworks and my memories of that time, as both emerge in sudden, saturated bursts.
The soundtrack uses a heavy synth to convey the stages of intoxication, alcohol-induced blackout and moments of clarity.
The blue prints show the clearest moments from the original tape. They are layered on yellow chiffon which was colour matched to the aforementioned curtains. Chiffon is commonly used as an overlay to give a floating look. I play with this to present the sentimental memories in an elegant manner.

Soundtrack by VIEUX | This work is in the permanent University of Salford Art Collection

AWOL Studios x Comme Ca Art exhibition (April 2022 – May 2022)

Medium: Video, 1 projection, colour & sound (stereo), 2 chiffon prints with 2 chiffon curtains, metal

Dimensions: Two yellow chiffon curtains each 138 cm wide and 221 cm long; Two blue chiffon prints each 138 cm wide and 110.5 cm
long; Video length 4 min., 19 sec.

Paradise Works Triple Decker x A Modest Show (May 2022)

Medium: Video, 1 projection, colour & sound (stereo)

Dimensions: Video length 4 min., 19 sec.