I have collaborated with an electronic musician to display this as an audio-visual installation for Horsfall Gallery, Manchester. This was VIEUX’s first public appearance.

Charabanc was my first venture into video art during my last year of studying for my BA. The emotional tides were coming from within. I felt like I couldn’t find a decent outward expression.
I started by exploring how technology defines the look of the past and how we remember it. I have used my personal VHS archives from the late 90s & early 00s. The cassettes have been damaged and then digitised. I paired them with self-portraits filmed on a y2k cellphone.
I made it low resolution, chaotic and sporadic, full of pixels and noise, visual errors and odd cuts. Charabanc was an attempt to regain some control over an internal sense of chaos.

Soundtrack by VIEUX

Charabanc performance, The Horsfall Gallery, Manchester (April 2019)

Medium: Video, sound

Dimensions: Video length 5 min., 17 sec

Lee used a surround sound system for a 4-hour public performance.
He mixed prerecorded samples accordingly to the video which was projected onto the gallery’s brick wall to add another layer of distortion.