Title: Static Retrospective
Year: 2019

By being heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud’s theories on the unconscious, I am exploring how can one acknowledge what is supressed and unconscious within them. My project ventures into the themes of change and frustration that have been triggered by a fragment of memories from my childhood. The projection of the archived video from the early 2000s portrays a dance class which inspired me to become a dancer. This moment made dance crucial throughout most of my life and by using the VHS video now I am trying to reclaim power. However, I interrupt the choreography and add more layers to show the dissatisfaction of my inability to articulate myself through the medium. As according to many psychoanalysts, the mind is distorted by emotions and instincts. This video performance piece highlights the struggle of consciously trying to be congruent with one’s emotions. It is important because everyone experiences frustration which needs to be recognised. People need to be aware of the past to understand the present and feel harmonious. The other side of the work shows video stills of glitched low-fidelity footage. This side of archives captured precious moments from childhood. The unclear images characterize my current recollections and feelings about them. This body of work is extremely personal and is showcasing my memories and present emotions. Although, individually it will evoke different responses, in retrospect the viewer experiences a cohesive narrative.

password: staticretrospection