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STORM 2020

STORM was commissioned by VIVID PROJECTS Birmingham & exhibited as part of their online series Vivid Live TV (September 2020 – November 2020). This project challenged performance artists to create new work in response to lockdowns and the inability to perform live.

STORM explores my feelings of melancholia as well as the habits of wallowing in this emotion. The video depicts my family’s gathering filmed in the early 2000s. Taking inspiration from Walden (1968) by Jonas Mekas, the piece is influenced by my childhood memories. I am emphasising mundanity & tradition.
Why does the mind distort the past? What is the reason for this sadness? I wrote the poem about a troubled relationship between the mind and stability.
The soundtrack imitates the same motives as the moving image. Audio from the original VHS tapes got distorted and mixed into an unpredictable synth-based soundtrack.

The storm is pushing you away from home, the wind is blowing. You are taken to a bridge.
– Jump, jump with me. I have no other.

The storm loves only you. It’s senseless, unpleasant and blue. No one understands, just you.
– Sing with me.
And you shout. Louder, louder, louder. The storm is pushing you away from home. Eyes are burning, eyes are dry. Today the spring was cloudless, but the storm twisted a nest in your head.
– Now we will meet again. Now we will be forever.

Soundtrack by VIEUX | This work was shortlisted for the Next Thing Award 2020 by Bury Art Museum & exhibited online at their Moving Image Gallery (November 2020 – January 2021).

BREAKING BREAD, Rag Gallery, Chorlton (June 2022). The installation was in an ex-bank vault. I have covered its inner safe with the same fabrics used in the performance video and projected the piece onto them.

Medium: Video, Sound, Polyester, Cotton

Dimensions: 155cm tall, 148cm wide; Video length 4 min., 42 sec

The bank vault’s inner safe.

The Window Gallery, New Adelphi, Salford Solo exhibition (April 2021 – June 2021). I expanded upon the video piece and incorporated photography.

Medium: Video, Soaked & scrunched up paper, Cyanotype print on paper

Dimensions: Two paper prints each 171cm tall and 188cm wide; Video length 4 min., 42 sec